What's On Mayor Marini's Mind for 2014

The Bureau County Republican recently sat down with Mayor Walt Marini to have a discussion about what his agenda for 2014 will look like.  You can read the full story here.

It is a long list.  Included projects are:

  • wastewater treatment plant and sewer repairs
  • revitalize downtown
  • work on the Honeywell Hobbs property
  • March sales tax referendum
  • expand tourism
  • and even more...

Some of the priorities are laid out in the story:
From its growing relationship with its Italian Sister City to signing paperwork for the start of a new wastewater treatment plant — 2014 is already shaping up to be a productive one for Spring Valley.

With a new slate, Spring Valley Walt Marini has several goals he’s looking to get accomplished this year. His list contains 14 goals for 2014, but the top five are the ones he’s got his eye on already.
At the very top, he plans to move forward with the planning and design of the new wastewater treatment plant and inspect and televise the east and west sewer interceptors and make necessary repairs. 
Spring Valley is now sitting on a $9.6 million grant from Gov. Pat Quinn to construct a new wastewater treatment plant, which has not seen any major upgrades since 1985. While construction is not expected to begin until next year, there’s plenty of designing and planning to get through this year in the prepping stages. 
Next on the list, is to revitalize the downtown district and work to bring buildings up to code where needed. 
“An inspections program needs to be developed to help keep our buildings from getting to the point where they are no longer worthwhile to put back into a viable business venture,” he said. “We will also move ahead with the demolition of the buildings that are no longer structurally sound to improve the appearance and safety of our commercial district.” 
Third on Marini’s list, is to help market the Honeywell Hobb’s building in hopes that a new manufacturer will occupy the facility and create jobs for the area.

Spring Valley Gets Visit from Sister City

Earlier this month, we were fortunate to be able to host Mayor Maurizio Cadegiani and Fiammeta Fiocchi on their visit to Spring Valley from Acquaria di Montecreto, Italy.

We're really proud of this effort to bring a "Sister City" to Spring Valley and it all started with a great idea and some strong work from a resident.

Here's a video of the Mayor's visit to our community:

In August, Spring Valley declared Acquaria di Montecreto its sister city and the Italian city did the same. Not long after Marini received news from mayor Maurizio Cadegiani that he would come and visit. He was originally supposed to come in December but a family health issue delayed his trip.

On Wednesday night, he arrived in Spring Valley and Thursday morning he met Marini. Cadegiani gave gifts of parmesan cheese, the Montecreto flag and books and fliers about the region. It is his first trip to American and he was already pleased with the hospitality he was receiving.

Fiammeta Fiocchi accompanied the mayor and is another cousin to Dhesse. Fiocchi was excited to see the city clerk’s office because that is her job in Italy. She also was excited to visit St. Anthony’s Church to watch them make tortellini and even volunteered to help. The mayor and Fiocchi do not speak English and had to be accompanied by several interpreters throughout the day.

The day of events included tours of the Cherry mine museum, WalMart distribution and Hall High School. At Hall, the guest got to stop and talk to some students were they found several kids with Italian descent and even a young man who had visited Montecreto. The tour was lead by former Hall student Lusia Messina who spoke Italian.

$9.5M for Spring Valley!

Yesterday, Governor Quinn came to town to announce that the city of Spring Valley will receive a $9.5 million grant to help repair the city’s wastewater treatment plant that was damaged by the April flood.

Special thanks to the efforts from State Rep. Frank Mautino (D-Spring Valley), State Sen. Sue Rezin (R-Morris) who helped make this happen for Spring Valley.

“The results of their efforts will provide a new wastewater treatment plant that will be constructed to safeguard the facility from future flooding and be designed to service our city for many years to come,” Marini said.

Meeting with Congressman Adam Kinzinger

We had the pleasure of a visit from United States Congressman Adam Kinzinger stopping by Spring Valley on July 3rd along with his aid Greg Ridenour.

He was here to tour the city wastewater treatment plant with me and our staff. He promised to help the city apply for Federal Emergency Management Agency assistance for the recent flooding at the plant.

I thank him for his assistance and look forward to working with him on this important issue for Spring Valley.

Mayor Marini Office Hours

Come talk to Mayor Walt Marini during his office hours.

First and 3rd Saturdays of each month from 8 to 9:30 am at City Hall!

Mayor Walt Marini's Remarks - Swearing In - 2013

"I would like to thank the voters of the Third Ward for allowing me the privilege of representing them for the last 12 years and all of the voters of Spring Valley for giving me the honor of being able to serve them for the next 4 years. I look forward to working together with the Council and everyone to make Spring Valley even better.

I would especially like to thank my family and our friends for their help and in particular, I want to thank my wife, Mary Jane, for all she has done. I believe this was an indication of what people working together can accomplish. Robert Kennedy once said, “The purpose of life is to contribute in some way to make things better.” Let us all commit to work together to make Spring Valley even better!"

The 2013 Spring Valley Government:

Left to Right seated:Jim Andreoni, City Attorney
Walt Marini, Mayor
Becky Hansen, City Clerk

Left to Right standing:Jack Boroski, City Treasurer
Mark Actis, Alderman Third Ward
Jim Taliano, Alderman Fourth Ward
Chuck Hansen, Alderman Second Ward
Tom Nesti, Alderman Second Ward
Dave Pellegrini, Alderman Fourth Ward
Dan McFadden, Alderman First Ward
Jack Narczewski, Alderman Third Ward
Mike Herrmann, Alderman First Ward

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