Spring Valley Gets Visit from Sister City

Earlier this month, we were fortunate to be able to host Mayor Maurizio Cadegiani and Fiammeta Fiocchi on their visit to Spring Valley from Acquaria di Montecreto, Italy.

We're really proud of this effort to bring a "Sister City" to Spring Valley and it all started with a great idea and some strong work from a resident.

Here's a video of the Mayor's visit to our community:

In August, Spring Valley declared Acquaria di Montecreto its sister city and the Italian city did the same. Not long after Marini received news from mayor Maurizio Cadegiani that he would come and visit. He was originally supposed to come in December but a family health issue delayed his trip.

On Wednesday night, he arrived in Spring Valley and Thursday morning he met Marini. Cadegiani gave gifts of parmesan cheese, the Montecreto flag and books and fliers about the region. It is his first trip to American and he was already pleased with the hospitality he was receiving.

Fiammeta Fiocchi accompanied the mayor and is another cousin to Dhesse. Fiocchi was excited to see the city clerk’s office because that is her job in Italy. She also was excited to visit St. Anthony’s Church to watch them make tortellini and even volunteered to help. The mayor and Fiocchi do not speak English and had to be accompanied by several interpreters throughout the day.

The day of events included tours of the Cherry mine museum, WalMart distribution and Hall High School. At Hall, the guest got to stop and talk to some students were they found several kids with Italian descent and even a young man who had visited Montecreto. The tour was lead by former Hall student Lusia Messina who spoke Italian.