Good News On 89 Bridge And Some Cost Savings

Some good news for our community about IDOT lowering the requirement of the City to purchase light fixtures for the 89 Bridge from six to five.

From the News-Tribune:
Spring Valley City Engineer Larry Good received a final summary of quantities for the bridge project from the Illinois Department of Transportation on Monday. 
At the city council meeting, Good said everything between the city and IDOT stayed the same in the agreements except for the amount of light fixtures Spring Valley will need to pay for project. Earlier, IDOT had stated Spring Valley would need to purchase six but now only requires the city buy five. 
Mayor Walt Marini said IDOT at one time said Spring Valley would need to buy eight light fixtures, which cost around $7,000 a piece. 
“That’s just that much less that we have to pay for,” Marini said.

Spring Valley Honors Doug Jablonski

Our fire chief Todd Bogatitus and I get to honor Doug Jablonski for saving the life of a neighbor who had fallen in a burning ravine.
NewsTribune photo/Rachel Stella (source)
Here is a real nice story about one of our residents and his quick action to avert danger for the community.  As Mayor, I'm really glad to be able to recognize folks like Doug for their actions in and around Spring Valley.

From the News-Tribune:
Doug Jablonski of Spring Valley was honored Monday at the Spring Valley city council meeting for his actions that likely saved his neighbor’s life. 
Fire chief Todd Bogatitus said Jablonski alerted the fire department to a fire in a ravine. As previously reported by the NewsTribune, the fire occurred April 1 in the Oakdale Court/Deer Run Path subdivision area not far from the Hall High School track. 
“He even pulled his neighbor out of the ravine,” Bogatitus said. “The city of Spring Valley would like to recognize Doug for his life-saving actions.” 
Jablonski was thanked by Mayor Walt Marini and given a plaque.

City Recognizes Our Own Long-Time Business Thompson Rexall Drug

Photo from the News-Tribune
129 years of service in Spring Valley from the Thompson family.  From the News-Tribune:
Longtime Thompson’s Drug Store owner Terry Thompson was honored Monday at the Spring Valley city council meeting for his family’s longtime business in the community. 
Mayor Walt Marini presented a plaque to Thompson, noting that the drug store opened in 1885 — “even before the city was officially incorporated” — and remained open for 129 years. 
“Terry and his family have touched the lives of many in many ways,” Marini said.
Thompson is the fifth-generation family member to have operated the store. 
“We were very fortunate to be able to serve the people of Spring Valley,” he said. “I wish it was going on for another generation.

Newly Sworn-In Illinois Comptroller Leslie Munger Comes To The Illinois Valley

Photo Courtesy of the News-Tribune
Thanks to the News-Tribune for covering newly sworn-in Illinois State Comptroller Leslie Munger on her visit to the area.  I had the pleasure of meeting Comptroller Munger at Starved Rock Lodge and look forward to working with her and her team over the coming years.

You can read more about the meeting here, but it included area folks including Peru Mayor Scott Harl, Illinois Valley Chamber of Commerce director Marci Duro, Boyd Palmer - the Ottawa Chamber of Commerce Director, and Chris Dvorak from the Regional Superintendent of Schools.