Spring Valley Honors Doug Jablonski

Our fire chief Todd Bogatitus and I get to honor Doug Jablonski for saving the life of a neighbor who had fallen in a burning ravine.
NewsTribune photo/Rachel Stella (source)
Here is a real nice story about one of our residents and his quick action to avert danger for the community.  As Mayor, I'm really glad to be able to recognize folks like Doug for their actions in and around Spring Valley.

From the News-Tribune:
Doug Jablonski of Spring Valley was honored Monday at the Spring Valley city council meeting for his actions that likely saved his neighbor’s life. 
Fire chief Todd Bogatitus said Jablonski alerted the fire department to a fire in a ravine. As previously reported by the NewsTribune, the fire occurred April 1 in the Oakdale Court/Deer Run Path subdivision area not far from the Hall High School track. 
“He even pulled his neighbor out of the ravine,” Bogatitus said. “The city of Spring Valley would like to recognize Doug for his life-saving actions.” 
Jablonski was thanked by Mayor Walt Marini and given a plaque.